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Bold Coast Climbers can subcontract with existing Tree Service and Landscaping companies who are looking to contract out technical residential climbing jobs. We will bring all equipment needed and come to the job site independently insured and licensed. 

We provide day rates and week rates for companies, though there may be additional charges for extensive travel, hazardous work, and overtime depending on the job. Please contact us directly to get a quote and learn more about our company pricing. 


BCC can add to your crew by providing the following technical support:

Cabling/ Bracing

Corrective Pruning


Crown Reduction

Elevating & Thinning

Hazardous Tree Removal

Storm Damage Repair & Removal

top of a tree falling from cut

BCC can work with your crew on developing their technical climbing skills. We believe on-job or site-training is the most effective option for companies that request this service because it offers real, on the job scenarios which are otherwise impossible to replicate.  Training can be included with the day rate or added on at 75/hr.


Routine visits for training allow for follow up skill building, gear inspection, time management & job efficiency analysis as needed.

chainsaw sitting on stump in the snow

BCC can perform other work at height as needed for your business such as: 


Light Installation

High angle access to work sites

Ropes Course Installation

Item retrieval

Work site rigging

rope running up a tall tree
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